May 27, 2012

I'm Back!

This semester kicked my tail and so I had to let the blog fall to the side. But the semester is over and I  am back! Below you'll see all the books I need to read and review! I only included two of the books I bought myself in the stack because I want to read the books people sent me to read first. I'm working through the stack now and I hope to post some reviews this week or early next. :) Right now I'm reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith!

Thank you all who stayed with me through my hiatus. Also, would y'all be upset with me if I started talking about letters and postcards on the blog? My grandmother gave me her mom's old typewriter the other day and I want to spread the joy of letters and postcards and get lots and lots of pen pals! :) Do you want to be pen pals? If so, let me know!

My "new" typewriter! Excuse the mess. :/


  1. Hi Alex!
    I would love for you to include blog entries about your letters and postcards! That's what my blog is all about ( and I think there are alot of us out here that would find it interesting! As a matter of fact, I am awaiting the arrival of a direct swap postcard from you now as you are also probably awaiting mine, if it's not already arrived! I would also love to penpal! Thanks! Shannon from Washington State

    1. Thanks for the feedback Shannon! :) Your comment made me check and I realized that while I got your card the other day, and I thought your card had been sent out Thursday, my grandma put a different card in the mail. Not your card. I'm sorry if you've been waiting for my card. I'll put it in the post office's box tomorrow and hopefully you'll get it by Thursday. Sorry for spacing!


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