March 3, 2015

The Gemini Effect Review

Hi guys! I have a super exciting new book to tell you about- The Gemini Effect by Chuck Grossart!

A single raindrop opens a Pandora’s box when the spawn of perverse genetic research performed during World War II is unleashed on an unsuspecting modern world. By dawn, only a dead city remains, eerily quiet and still, except for mutant beasts that hide from the light, multiply, and await the shadows of night to continue their relentless advance.

Ordered to investigate the unfolding crisis, biowarfare specialist Carolyn Ridenour barely escapes the creatures’ nocturnal onslaught, saved in the nick of time by Colonel Garrett Hoffman, who lost hundreds of his troops to a swarm that neither bombs nor bullets can stop.

As Carolyn and Garrett race to stop the plague, a battered and broken government prepares to release the fury of America’s nuclear arsenal on its own soil and its own citizens.

The Gemini Effect is a wild roller coaster going 100 miles an hour to what you know will be your total annihilation, and you can't wait to get there!

We follow biological warfare expert Carolyn as she struggles to understand the virus that has been unleashed on America, President Smith as he comes to grips with the what has happened and decides the best course of action, and Vice President Allison as she watches her country  come undone. In 4 days, we see America spiral out of control and the end of the world as we know it.

I really did not expect to enjoy this book as much I did but I really enjoyed it! I found myself rooting for some characters, despising others, and terrified of the horde that was sweeping the nation. 

I was able to download this book as part of the Kindle First program as part of being a Kindle Prime member.

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