September 22, 2013

ARC Reading Challenge


I know it's a bit late to join a reading challenge for the year but I have a few books in my ARC TBR pile and hopefully this will push me into reading and reviewing them. Also, I love the satisfaction of checking off a book in a challenge.

This challenge is hosted by So Many Precious Books, So Little Time. The goal is to read through the books authors or publishers have sent you for a review. I'm going to sign up at the bronze level- read 12- 23 ARCs because at this time I only have a few ARCs in my pile. When I lost the internet and my computer died I lost a lot of the connections I had with blog tour companies and the books I was going to read on NetGalley have been archived. But no matter, each day is a new beginning.

As of today, I have been approved for:


As I read I'll update this list with my current ARCs and links to my reviews of the ARCs. 

What do you think of reading challenges? Do they give you the push you need to read? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Hi Alex,
    i'm a Terry Pratchett fan and fantasy books myself and whenever a new book comes out, i have to have it.
    But Reading challenges, I've never done that because of fright to have to read books I know I won't like. Or is it not an obligation to read every book on a list?
    You read a lot, but do you really want to read The Lairds forbidden Lover? It look Bouquet novel to me :-)

    I'm going to browse your site some more. Never know what books I'll discover through your reviews!

    Your style of writing is very pleasent to read!

    Kind regards,
    Emilie Zonneveld (swapbot Ateliereem on Blog Comment Hop #4 - swap)

    1. Some of the challenges do force you to read books you might not like- I'm part of the Eclectic Reading Challenge that asks you to read books from different genres that you might not have picked up yourself.

      As for this challenge, it asks me to read all the books I've received for review. For the books above, I got them from Netgalley- a site where publishers offer their books for bloggers to read and review. Publishers can invite you to read the book or you can request access to them. I think I requested all the books listed above. Including The Laird's Forbidden Lover. One of the genres covered in the Eclectic Reading Challenge was LGBT literature. And I love romance novels and I'm comfortable with incorporating the two with this book. I understand that this might not be a novel everyone would enjoy.

      I hope you find some book recommendations! If you love fantasy novels have you heard of the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind? If has some of the classic fantasy novel characteristics- dragons, magic, a handsome man with a sword, a beautiful kick butt woman. I love the series and obviously it is not that simple but I would definitely recommend them!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I've rated you on swapbot.

  2. Lots of great reads listed - I hope you enjoy working your way through them!


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