October 6, 2013

The Curse of the Blog!

I am thoroughly convinced! This blog is cursed! Every time I have the time to sit down and consistently blog, the internet goes away. Every time I have a consistent internet connection, I have no time or my computer breaks. In this case, I had the time and internet to blog, but then my computer crashed. Literally. My little sister accidentally dropped it and the screen shattered. I had my baby for less than two weeks!

My poor computer, blog, and you readers. I hope that I can link my blog to my phone and still post from my phone but until I can get my computer fixed, the blog might have limited content. That's not to say I won't post and that you shouldn't visit and comment (because you totally should) but that it might be longer between posts and replies on comments. 

Have you ever visited a more cursed blog? Do you have any aspects, items, or rituals that seemed cursed? Leave me a comment while I can still use my friend's computer and let me know!


  1. Oh my goodness....I would not be a happy camper if someone dropped my computer. Can they replace it? You poor girl.

    No on anything being cursed on my end. Think positively if you can. :)

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    1. I can't be too mad at my sister. She was really upset about it and it was an accident. But it really does feel like whenever I have access to a computer to blog, something happens. I'm glad you don't have any curses!


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