March 27, 2012

Interview and Giveaway with Judy Serrano!

Hey ladies and gents! :) I had the opportunity review and interview Judy Serrano, author of the Easter's Lillys series! 

The first book in the series is called Easter's Lily and follows Lilly who went from an affair with a lowly gangster to being married to the head of the organization. In Brother Number 3 the story continues about the gang brothers and it was this book that I interviewed Ms. Serrano about!

Coming in third place was something that was all too familiar to Hector Montiago. As his strength and grounding personality pushes him into first place with the woman he loves, lines are crossed and sides are chosen. In the second book of the series, Brother Number Three depicts family ties in a light unequal to any other. Lilly tells the story of how the brothers unite in the effort to recover her missing son, as blood becomes both the indestructible bond that holds them together and the opposing force that pushes them apart. They fight temptation, while the enemies of the Montiago cartel unleash their wrath, only to discover that the true danger lies within.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I have always loved to write. I started with poetry and songs but I wrote my first novel when I was 12. My two passions were singing and writing and I apparently chose the wrong one. I was a singer for most of my young life and after I went back to college decided to try my hand at an adult novel. It was so much fun that it became addicting and before I knew what happened I had a handful of Easter’s Lilly stories.
What made you decide to write such an amazing sounding thriller series about a gang organization? 
My intention was to write a book about my successful marriage. When I put my fingers on the keyboard, my characters took me on a journey way far away from where I had first intended. They are still doing that to me, even with the new series I am writing.
Can someone read your books out of order or does the series need to be followed book-by-book?
 I highly recommend reading the books in order. There is so much background necessary to understand the psyche of some of these characters. Plus, I think it helps to find out what is so irresistible about the dangerous Montiago brothers.
Are your characters startling real to you? Do you have a gang living in your head? :) Have you ever had the times we all hear about when your character grabs the story and yanks it away from you? 
My characters are all very real to me. One of the reasons I haven’t stopped writing Lilly yet is because I know I will miss her and the family so much. My characters totally take me, I do not direct them. A lot of my story lines come from dreams. I am anxiously awakened from my sleep only to dart over to my MacBook and start typing some notes down. It is always a mystery to me where my characters are going to land.

Thank you Alex so much for letting me appear on your blog today. I hope you have enjoyed the read.

Thank you Ms. Serrano for agreeing! I can't wait to read this series- it sounds really really interesting!

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