November 17, 2011


A cold is going around campus and I felt so happy that while everyone else was having to drag themselves to class, I was feeling just fine. (I still had to drag myself to class but not because I was sick. :) ) But the happiness about non-sickness has faded. I've caught the cold. I know, I know, it's just a cold. Not pneumonia or leukemia or anything like that but I'm still pretty miserable right now. My nose is trying to run away from my face and if I had a box of tissues last night they would be demolished right now. Unfortunately, I didn't have a box of tissues last night or this morning so I've been using toilet paper and a dirty towel is now covered in my germs. I was planning on posting all this week but school has hit me in the face, I have 2 papers due today and an audition Saturday that quite literally decides my future, and now I'm sick and I want to just curl up in a ball of grossness on my bed right now and sleep. If I could breathe well enough TO sleep. I get very whiny and affectionate when I'm sick. I want hugs and pats and "it'll be ok"s and I don't understand why people wont give me hugs while I'm sick. Quite mean of them. So instead I'm laying here breathing my germs into poor Buster Brown and moaning about my life. So to sum it up, I'm miserable right now and I would like to post more next week when school isn't so RAWR! Dinoscary.

So we all know being sick is the most not-amazing thing ever so my question is, how do you react when you get sick? Do you want hugs and hot chocolate or do you want people to leave you alone to die? Leave me a comment letting me know! :)

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