November 3, 2011

Music on Blogs?

So I have this thing about giveaways.... I love them. I love entering them and winning them and being able to tell people "yeah, I won that in a giveaway." I especially love giveaway hops (more on those later) but when I enter the hops I usually have anywhere between 5 to 30 tabs going up at one time. And that's just the tabs that are devoted to that one hop. I also have Facebook going usually and possibly other giveaways up at the same time. So I'll be joyously hopping from blog to blog imagining myself winning when I'll realize something, there is music coming from my computer. Sometimes the music will come out alone or other times it will be garbled up in the music I'm playing myself. Then I realize that somewhere in all my tabs, there's a blog with music playing and I have to go through every tab looking for this mysterious source of music, and some blogs have that little music box hidden in the depths of their side bars. This is the not so amazing part to me, sometimes the music they play is just not in with my personal style. It is kind of amazing to hear some awesome new music from a new blog though.

On the whole though, I'd say music on blogs? Not that amazing. What do you think?? :)

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  1. I'm not a fan of music on blogs, just because it scares me when it turns on!! Most of the time I work in complete silence, so music on a blog just blasts me out of the zone I'm in!


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