January 21, 2012

Am I Not So Secretly A Hoarder?

What does it take to be a book hoarder? Does it mean you have a need to acquire great quantities of books and then still more whenever the opportunity presents itself? If so, my name is Alex and I'm a book hoarder. I just thought of this as I'm entering giveaways for yet more books even though I have a to be read and reviewed list a mile and a half long! I have 12 indie authors that are waiting for me to get to them- and I will I promise, I have an advanced uncorrected proof I won from Goodreads, and I have permission from publishers to read another like 25 titles, and another book from another author, AND I went to the library today and checked out the first 3 Spiderwick books!!! What was I thinking?! That's like 40 books on my to be read pile! And I'm entering to try to win more books! Maybe I'm secretly afraid of running out of books to read? Maybe I hope to win some more books so I can host a great giveaway here poor college kid style? So what do y'all think? Am I not so secretly a hoarder? Are you a secret hoarder too?


Books I'm going to be reading this week:
Sambuka Black
DIY Bride: An Affair to Remember
The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide

The Blog Hop I'm entering this week: Shameless Giveaway Hop- 18+!

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