January 22, 2012

Check This!

I found something on another blog yesterday that made me go NO WAY! Y'all are gonna want to read this if you're a romance fan!There are five (5) romance readers/writers that want to give YOU the complete, SIGNED backlists of some  amazing authors! (Got your attention yet?!) Ashley March, Shana Galen, Lila DiPasqua, Vanessa Kelly, and Heather Snow are our readers/writers who are behind this! They are giving away the entire SIGNED backlists of: 

Lisa Kleypas

Before we can win though the readers/writers need something from you! They're asking that you follow them on facebook. Once all the authors reach their goals then the giveaways will go live! You need to click through and like each author's page and then they will giveaway the entire backlist (if any are out of print then they'll order you used books to make the backlist complete) in English to either US or international readers! 

Ashley March needs 2500 total likes before she gives away Lisa Kleypas's backlist!
Shana Galen needs 2000 total likes before she gives away Julia Quinn's backlist!
Lila DiPasqua needs 3500 total likes before she gives away Elizabeth Hoyt's backlist!
Vanessa Kelly needs 2000 total likes before she gives away Cynthia Eden's backlist!
Heather Snow needs 2500 total likes before she gives away Julie Garwood's backlist! (I'm really looking forward to this one. I LOVE Garwood!)

So there we have it! Are you completely and totally excited?! I am! I've already clicked through and liked everyone now it's your turn! There are going to be 5 lucky people out there soon who will own the backlist of a great author! Maybe we'll both be one of them! :D So go out there and like, share this, tweet this, blog this, rent an airplane and sky writer, we need to reach those like goals before anyone gets anything!! 

I got my information from Romancing Rakes blog and I'm so happy I found it! 

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