January 24, 2012

Romance Author Free- SIGNED- swag!

Author swag makes me smile! I don't really have any but it still makes me smile and I want to build up a collection! I was looking around yesterday and on author Heather Snow's Facebook page you can enter to get an excerpt booklet and bookmark of her new book! If you send her a self addressed envelope you can get some Romance Trading Cards of her book- check here for the address.

I think I made my feelings about Julie Garwood clear yesterday when I freaked about the chance to win her backlist but in case you missed it, I love her! On her website not only is there a chance to win a free book (yay!) but if you send her a self addressed stamped envelope you can get a tassled bookmark and a personalized SIGNED bookplate! The links hold the information and let's just say I need to get me some envelopes ready. :)

I also love Katie MacAlister and her brand of vampires and she has a list of free stuff too! This page has wallpapers, a dragon handbook, and short stories to be enjoyed online but it also has a swag order form - here- where you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope and get as much stuff as you order as long as it has enough stamps to carry it! I'm going to go checky happy on this because you can get signed bookplates, collectible book cards, bookmarks, and more! Envelope about to be sent to you Ms. MacAlister!

Like Kelly Armstrong? I just discovered her and I've read her Otherworld series and I have Dime Store magic and I plan on sending in this form and getting a couple signed bookplates from her! Yay! :D

I've read Outlander so many times! My book is about to fall apart actually because I've read it so much but I still want to get a bookplate signed by Gabaldon to put inside a new book when this one runs out!

If you're willing to pay $11 shipping then you can get a box full of free author stuff! I'm not sure how I feel about this one because as a poor college kid but you can find this deal here if you're interested!

The site above is called Author Island and it actually has a long list of contests too! No guaranteed stuff like the others but there's a list and it looks like they're not all romance so go here and enter to win!

And there is a 9 page list of these things over at Bookaholics Romance Book Club where you can find author websites or addresses to send away to get some great swag! I've been clicking through and sometimes I might have to go to the author's homepage but most of these sites are still active with things to giveaway! :D I suggest checking it out! Maybe you'll discover you're favorite author will send you something SIGNED!

If none of the above links catch your fantasy I suggest going to the author's website. You never know what you might find!

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