January 17, 2012

Sad Face

Hey guys, I'm going to try to stay dedicated to this blog and reading and posting up reviews but I just started a new semester at college and I'm taking 4 education classes! :O and I just found out that my grandfather has gangrene in his big toe, spreading in his foot, and in the big toe on his other foot. They can't amputate because that requires a pulse in his foot and he... doesn't have one. So they're at the doctor's office now actually and we're waiting to see what the doc says but we're preparing for the worse. He just got out of hospice in September and we've heard he has 6 months to live more time than I can count but they're talking about putting him back in hospice and the emergency room doctor said this is worse than anything that we've ever faced before. If they send him home on hospice he'll have 3-6 weeks left. So if y'all don't see me much, don't unfollow me and please don't hate me, I'm just going through some stuff right now. 

On a happier note, I do have a big TBR pile that I hope I can get to soon, I've also gotten an email from Tyler Mills, the author of Gather Sticks Along the Way, and he said that he might be interested in a giveaway or interview with us here, and pops isn't dead yet, I'm not dead yet, and I hope all of y'all can say the same today about your love ones.

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  1. So sorry to hear about that, Alex. I will keep you and your grandfather in my thoughts. Good luck with those classes, and keep up those positive thoughts!


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