January 2, 2012

Deadline Review!

I just finished Deadline by James A. Anderson and was it amazing? It so totally was! I loved it! Now to post a review telling you all what its about and how much I loved it!:)  You're not going to want to miss this book! 

I'm still trying to figure out my review style. This is my 2nd ever review and for the last one I kinda just did a stream of conscious thing about what it was about and why I liked it and included little snippets that made me smile. But I also like the way another blog reviewer formatted her review so I'm going to try her way now. Plus- there are many characters I loved from this book so my other way wouldn't work very well. 

Summary from Amazon: 
A serial killer -- The Wolfman – prowls the streets of Toronto kidnapping young professional women, then targets crime reporter Katie Cannon who has been writing about his rampage.
Trevor Trevanian, a foreign correspondent in Afghanistan, is abducted by al-Qaida and taken on a perilous journey to Pakistan to face an uncertain fate.
Deadline combines murder, action, and romance, with a glimpse into the world of big city media. This thriller, set over a 24-hour period in a fictional Toronto newspaper -- the Daily Express, follows four central characters in Toronto and Afghanistan as they cope with both personal and professional deadlines in their lives.
What I thought:
I personally LOVED Deadline! I fell in love with the characters presented in just 232 pages! I usually don't like books that switch points of view like this and find myself gravitating to one character and just skimming through the other character's sections but that never even occurred to me in Deadline. Anderson has an excellent way of ending each chapter with me chomping at the bit wanting to know more and then immediately capturing my attention at the beginning of the next chapter with a new character! I will say that I got a bit confused about characters at first but after I finally fixed it in my head who Young and Chase where I had no difficulty. Anderson has a way of introducing a new character and in a page and a half you have a clear idea of who they are and their purpose in the story. There is a wonderful web of characters that back a fast moving plot line!

Sorry, just realized that I've been swooning of the characters and forgot to tell you about the great plot lines in Deadline! Wolfman is a great serial killer (that sounds awful, but I like how we get to see into his life and motives behind the killings!) on the loose preying on successful business woman. Katie Cannon is covering the stories for the Daily Express and has been getting emails from the killer! Trevor is a fair minded war journalist in Afghanistan who has been abducted for the story of his life- if he can keep his life that is. Then we have Young and Chase who have their own battles to fight. 

I cannot speak highly enough of this book. I'm usually not a big fan of thrillers- I'm more of a romance or young adult fiction kinda gal where I prefer a happily ever after but I loved this book. Its a fast read but still deep enough to keep your attention- I know it did mine. You just have to read this book. It'll take you a couple hours because you won't want to put it down and its FREE now over at Amazon! Get it here. Go get it. Now. I'll wait. Got it? Ok good. 

Then after you finish this great book come back and leave me a comment telling me how much you LOVED it! I'd also love some question suggestions for Mr. James A. Anderson who has agreed to give me an interview! I have some lined up but I would love some other's questions as well!


  1. My question: What was the toughest thing you ever had to write, and why?

  2. Congratulations on completing your first review for The Eclectic Reader Challenge - it sounds like a great thriller!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd out

  3. I'll be sure to include your question when I send Anderson my question Sara Jo! :) And thanks Shellyrae! I'm excited to both be one step closer to completing the challenge, and reading such a great book. It was a great thriller! :)

  4. Interesting... *scribbles for her TBR pile* I was looking for a Thriller to read for the challenge. That's going to be one of my harder to read books, but maybe this'll do it. Sounds like a good read.


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