December 22, 2011

Pinterest Love!

So y'all have heard of, and joined pinterest right? I don't know when it came about but I joined a couple months ago and at first thought it was just ok. Now I have something like 800+ pins. :) If you haven't heard of pinterest yet then I suggest you request an invitation. Or if you want me to issue you an invitation just email me your email and I'll invite you! Pinterest is a collection of pretty pictures ranging from a host of topics such as home decor, wedding and events, and crafts. Those are my favorite topics to surf but they also have apparel and travel. You make up boards that house all the pins you like and you can repin things other people have pinned already as well as pin any image from other websites. :) I really enjoy pinterest and if you want you can follow me here and see all my pins or just join up and you can post your collection of clothes you want, crafts you want to make, how you want to decorate your house, and your dream wedding. :D

Now some of my favorite pins:

From my classroom board-
a tip for bulletin boards
From products I love-
epic bookcase

From my wedding board
lavender bouquets

From my crafts board
cutest bookmarks!
From For the Home board
book stairs!

From my photos board

So what do y'all think? To me pinterest is totally amazing. I love looking and dreaming and adding things to my boards. :) I suggest you all go join pinterest. Request an invitation on the site or ask me for one. :) What do you think of my pins though? Amazing or not so much?


  1. I don't have a Harry Potter board. Some HP I post to True. Others to Funniness. The majority to your board. :P

  2. They didn't make your favorite pins though!!


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