December 31, 2011

Reviews and Interviews!

I love to read as you know and I have posted in the Author forum on Amazon and I now have many books to read and review and authors to interview! I'm so excited about this! It's kind of stupid and girlish I suppose but I've never talked to an actual author!
The books I have to review so far are:

Lost at the Con by Bryan Young- Done! Review here

Deadline by James A. Anderson- Done! Review here

The Zarder by Sara Jo Easton- Done! Review here

The Survival of Cade by Sharon L. Reddy- a science fiction that sounds really interesting! I'm really looking forward to reading this one, even though I'm not big on science fiction!

The Counterfeit by Tammie Clarke Gibbs- done! Review to come! :) 

Marty Boggs & The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb by M.T. Acquaire- this is one is described as a "YA supernatural fantasy" They'd also give me an interview! :) 

Gather Sticks Along the Way by G. Tyler Mills- This one seems really cool. It talks about a man's struggle with the disappearance with his son and his faith.

Great American Thing by Ostrom Lexington- Apparently another science fiction but it looks really interesting! The author has offered an interview and maybe even a free download if I get some comments what what!

RAINGUN by John Blackport- this one is a fantasy about a good guy struggling with his conscience and reality about whether or not to rebel against his tyrannical government. This one is free from smashwords so I'd love it if someone else would love to read it with me! I must repeat the warning of the author however, it contains graphic violence and explicit sex.

WHEW! And I have another 7 people asking me to review their work! I hope I can find some great new reads and authors from this and I hope you'll do the same! I can't wait to talk to actual authors and tell y'all what all I think of their work! :) I am planning on interviewing these authors but I won't let that stop me from telling you the truth of what I think of their works. I promise. Now, if I disappear for a couple days and don't post as much y'all can see why. I'll be reading! :) I'm so looking forward to this and once I start reading Great American Thing I'll write up another post of the books I'll be reviewing! :)


  1. You are a sweetheart Alex, to help authors out like this. Your blog will be a popular one, that's for sure! Now you just have to notify your boyfriend, family and college that you will be doing nothing but reading from now on :)

  2. I know! I'm going to be a bit distracted for a while! :) Thanks for the comment! I'm looking forward to getting to Soul and Shadow! :)


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