December 30, 2011

Reading Challenges!

How much is too much for these reading challenges? Because they seem really fun! I just entered the eclectic challenge today but then did another search for 2012 book blog reading challenges and I found a couple that look really cool! :D
I am looking now at the:
adoption reading challenge- 4 different levels: 3 books, 6 books, 12 books and 20 books-- thinking about the first level of this one because I have a nonfiction that looks great and a fiction that I checked out today
Ireland reading challenge- 4 different levels: 4 books, 6 books, 8 books, 10+ books -- this one seems really cool! I would love to enter the first level! :)

 I don't know how many I should enter though! I don't want to commit to reading too many books with 2 semesters of college to go through next year but I love to read and I can read a couple good books in one day! :) I think I will start updating this post with other challenges I'm interested in and their links so that if any of y'all want to read more about them and join or just try to read the theme without joining the challenges you'll have a list of the ones I think look interesting hahahaa.

Thinking about: 
romance reading challenge- 5 romance novels-- this one wouldn't be difficult AT ALL! :)
merely mystery challenge-- with the Down on her luck gumshoe category I would just have to read 2 of my fun cozy mysteries! I think I'll end up joining this one since I checked out 4 cozy mysteries today! :)
War Through the Generations- WWI challenge- any kind of book with WWI as the primary or secondary theme with the levels 1-3, 4-10, and 11+ --- sounds really interesting and I'm sure I could manage 1 book- maybe it could count as my nonfiction in the eclectic!
Titanic challenge- a book or movie, fiction or non-fiction about the Titanic- 3 levels: 3, 6, and 12
Support Your Public Library - 1st level of 12 public library books!
Ebook Challenge - this one depends if crossover from the ebooks to other challenges is allowed! :)

For a host of other challenges you should check out Novel Challenges where there is a couple pages of challenges!
other challenges I've found you might be interested in: 
whats in a name challenge- 6 books along different themes: 1. book w/ a topographical feature, 2. something you'd see in the sky, 3. creepy crawly in the title, 4. type of house in the tittle, 5. something you'd carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack in the title, 6. something you'd find on a calendar in the title
Foodies Read Too: read food books on 5 different levels: 1-3, 4-8, 9-13, 14-18, 19+
Read Your Name challenge - read a book with the title starting with every letter in your name A-L-E-X etc. Sounds interesting but I have an X! in my name hahaha

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